Why vote for Rachel? She’s right on the issues.

Why vote for Rachel? She’s right on the issues.

Rachel’s awareness of the main issues and her position on them is reflective of the majority of taxpayers in the county.

Campaign Purpose – Ensure COM is Delivering on it’s Mission

As a former COM student, a mother and also a local property tax payer, Rachel’s feelings for the college and its performance are very personal but also typical. Like so many other county residents, her desire is to ensure COM is able to deliver on its mission of student success. “Galveston County is growing – in the last ten years, the county has added 45,000 additional residents, over 18% growth” said Delgado, “and COM has both tremendous opportunities as well as challenges”.

Bond Election Was a Wake Up Call

Rachel believes that the $86 million dollar bond election in 2011 was a sign that the community had lost confidence in COM leadership. The bond issue was defeated at the ballot box. “COM has real needs which still exist; infrastructure ages, buildings need improvements – all that stuff is not going away.  At some point these matters will need to be revisited but in the meantime there is much work to do in improving performance.  The current Board has made progress in governance and fiscal responsibility and I have a lot to contribute to those efforts that are building confidence in the local community”, explains Rachel.

Getting COM Performance on Par with its Peers

In looking at key performance indicators, such as student outcomes, tax rates, tuition and fees, COM is not in alignment with its peers. Therefore, the foundational components of Rachel’s campaign are follows: Ensure student success is job one – the College exists to educate. COM’s student outcomes, as measured by degrees granted and certificates issued is far behind that of neighboring community colleges. Why and what can be done about this are major areas of concern and Rachel intends to focus on these matters and what it will take to make improvements.

Partnering with Local Industry to Ensure Students Get Good Jobs

Whenever possible, COM must partner with local industry as this will ensure the economic success of students. When students complete their coursework at COM, we must ensure they are in alignment to either transfer to 4 year college – if that is their objective – or to get a good paying job. In either case, this requires communication and collaboration. Are we doing everything we can to ensure our local heavy industry has a good talent pool to staff their workforce? How about our medical centers that are growing all around us? How are we perceived by these employers in terms of delivering students that they can employ? “A good job is the #1 economic development program for families and I’m committed to ensuring we maximize the employment potential of our matriculates” Rachel explains.

Enhancing Leadership Accountability to the Community

Presuming COM is maximizing its efforts on the above matters and is providing clear and transparent information on its status and progress, credibility and trust within the community will grow. “Much progress has been made in enhancing and improving the profile of COM through better governance and fiscal accountability. Both ensure that COM maximizes the return on the local taxpayer’s investments in the College. And doing so builds community trust in the Board. This is my personal mission and a vote for Rachel Delgado is a vote for these outcomes.”


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