Get Involved!

There are 183,000 registered voters in Galveston County; it’s tough to reach them all! Fortunately, there are ways to make this process more efficient and Rachel’s campaign knows how to do it. However, as efficient as we can make it we still need volunteers – we need people like you!

Here are some things we can use your help with:

Identify Likely VotersMap-GalvestonCounty-VoterProfile-350px

The folks who voted in previous COM elections are the kinds of folks we’d expect to vote in the next election. We know who they are and we’ve got ‘em segmented by region. We’ll need folks who live in those areas to reach them, to tell them about Rachel. This is something you can help with; get together with us, review our lists, see who you know.


Contact Likely Voters

Next, we’ll need to contact those likely voters. While the campaign will send direct mail to reach these folks, the most efficient and effective way to reach them is through someone they already know, either by phone, email or knocking on their doors. Consider holding a meet and greet in your home to introduce your friends and neighbors to Rachel. This gives them a chance to express their concerns and ideas to her and for them to personally vet Rachel.


It takes money to run a campaign! Yard signs, road signs, advertising and direct mail add up to being incredibly expensive. Please consider making a contribution.

Sign Up!

However and to whatever extent you can help, Rachel would be honored and proud to have your assistance. Please complete the form at right to join our mailing list and as we begin to mobilize the efforts described above, we’ll be contacting you with specific details.